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Outdated methods of SEO that we need to stop

The owner of a website always aspires to see their domain name on the first page of any search engine and for that, we need the best SEO methods that can bring users to our web pages. There are many experienced people who would still stick with the old SEO methods, terming them as reliable and foolproof, but there are others who are willing to take risk and embrace new methods which have a tremendous potential of bringing viewers to websites. We have put together a list of SEO methods that used to be effective once upon a time, but are deemed as outdated now.

Reciprocal Linking & Link Exchange

Way back in 2004, link exchanges used to be an alternative method of gaining links which helped us in earning reputation as all we had to do was swap links with another website. For those who are not getting a point, this is a clear indication that we are only aiming for cheap links that might be useless, which we will be putting on search engines. You can consider a link to be an endorsement medium. A link is quite useless if it does not point the visitor in the direction of additional helpful resources and the link itself does not make sense. You should link only to websites which have content that can help you bring visitors, so that you will have something for them.

SEO Tips & Tricks For Companies

Losing voice due to Automation

The social media sphere is always buzzing with debates related to usage of automated tools which help in streamlining and disseminating content. In addition to that, automation tools also help us in saving a lot of time which goes away during manual process. If the circumstances are right, then we can surely make use of automation tools to make our task easier. Social media is the best place for you to build relationships and it will bring lots of customers to you provided that your methods are powerful enough to attract them. Most of the companies nowadays use automation since it is a relatively easier way for the companies to be good to people as per courtesy even if they want to or not. Social media will give you a voice, but going ahead with automation tools means you are hiding your company’s real side to some extent, and you certainly do not want the clients to back out at a later stage because of that.

Emphasizing on Google alone

Now this is something which almost everyone does. We know Google is on the top, but that does not mean we have to focus only on Google. You need to start going through your statistics for the amount of organic traffic that is your website is generating through Google. One of the best things to do would be to go for a diverse traffic portfolio which has many other search engines including Google as it is certainly not a good idea to keep all the eggs in the same basket. Once you start diverting your traffic to other search engines, you will notice that the amount of visitors to your website has increased to a great extent since there might be billions of users who use Google every day, but there are millions of users who use other search engines also. Thus, the best way to make a mark is to make sure your website excels on more than one search engine.

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Submission of articles

For someone who has been into internet marketing and Search Engine Optimization, if you use the terms such as EzineArticles, then you definitely need to stop talking. Ezine was one of the best platforms for visitors where people used to submit their articles and still do. A few quick links and you will have people swarming to your link, hence giving you a chance to earn a lot. There is one thing that you need to keep in your mind. When it comes to link building, the process isn’t an easy one as optimization is certainly a time-consuming process.

Instead of chasing easy links, you can focus more on building tandem with many bloggers and provide them with guest posts which will add a lot of value to the websites owned by them. At the same time, you will get the exposure you deserve and can easily build a quality reference through a website that is authoritative.

Hence, the methods mentioned above used to be effective, but have grown old now owing to introduction of umpteen new ways to increase viewers through effective SEO methods.